We have made it our mission to provide financial planning and investment advice that helps professionals in the pharmaceutical and health care industries to make informed decisions about their retirement benefits. Our planning seeks to simplify the complex decisions you face so you can fully embrace your retirement.

When you reach out to us, we will provide a sophisticated analysis of your potential cash flow and assets prior to retirement. We will then provide multiple potential pathways based on factors such as age at retirement or date you begin claiming your pension. Together we select the path that has the highest probability of financially sustaining you through retirement.

Should you then choose to work with us, we will provide ongoing financial and investment planning. We base our work on a fiduciary obligation to put your best interest first. As an independent advisory firm, we are not motivated by a commission environment. Rather, we offer advice on a fee basis that is designed to help you pursue your vision of retirement.


Questions We Can Help Answer

  • Which pension option should my spouse and I take?

  • Should I leave my assets in my 401(k) plan or roll them into another plan?

  • How do my restricted stock units fit into my overall plan?

  • Should I take Social Security early or delay?

  • How sustainable is my income at my desired retirement age?

  • Will I need long-term-care insurance, or should I roll the dice and fund that expense if I need the care?



We provide financial planning services based on your situation and goals. Some of the services we may provide are:



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Social Security

Estate Planning


Retirement Plans


Health Care

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Stock Units


Disability Insurance




Our Financial Planning Process

We have developed a process for new clients so you are never left wondering what your next step is. With our emphasis on regular communication and transparency, you always know where you and your retirement stand.

  1. Introduction: We begin by asking you to share your retirement vision. We will then start an inventory of your assets and income goals in order to work toward your vision.
  2. Analysis: We partner with you to develop a clear vision for retirement. We utilize RetireUp proprietary software to determine the most sustainable path for long-term success.
  3. Plan development: Should you decide to work with us, we develop your financial and investment plan. We focus on retirement success and then narrow our focus to more immediate goals.
  4. Implementation: We begin implementing your plan, making sure your concerns are addressed and providing time frames for the work to be done.
  5. 30-day wrap-up: We address any remaining issues and answer any questions you may have. Our emphasis is an open dialogue to make sure you understand our rationale and recommendations.
  6. First year of retirement: The first year of retirement marks a huge transition, and we schedule regular meetings, including a six-month progress report and one-year review, to stay on track.
  7. Second year and beyond: We hold semiannual meetings to help ensure your plan reflects your changing life. We will serve as a liaison with your CPA and attorney to make sure we are all in sync.

How We Are Different

We want to be a partner in retirement with you, and everything we do is designed to serve that mission.

The Big Picture Comes First

Our combined cash flow and asset analysis offers you a 360-degree view so you see how each recommendation relates to your overall plan.

Goals-Based Recommendations

We are not a template-based advisory firm. Our financial and investment advice will be based on helping you pursue your unique vision for retirement.

Technology to Provide Clarity

We use sophisticated technology to offer clarity and project scenarios so you can make informed and educated decisions about your retirement.

Empowering Through Educating

We take the time to make sure you understand the entirety of your finances and investments. We want you to feel confident making decisions based on our recommendations.

Coordination with Other Professionals

We will coordinate with your other professionals, such as estate planning attorneys or CPAs, to pursue your goals. We are comfortable taking the lead for you so that everyone remains on the same page.

An Investment Philosophy Based on Your Success

Your portfolio will incorporate your goals and adapt to market changes to minimize risk. We serve as a voice of reason so you can avoid emotionally based decisions and stay on track with your long-term plan.



options designed for the PHARMACEUTICAL PROFESSIONAL


Understand Your Risk

Investment Portfolio Risk Analysis

Contact for Pricing Options

How much Risk do you have in your 401k? IRA? How much should you have? It's crucial to have the right balance of risk and growth opportunities as you prepare for retirement. Let us help you define your risk parameters, understand the current risks in your investment portfolio, and create a plan to fit your investments to you.

  • Personal Risk Score Calculation

  • Risk Score of all Portfolios

  • Pinpoint High/Low Risk Holdings in Portfolio

  • Recommendations to Realign Portfolio Risk with Personal Risk

  • Stress Test Portfolio to Simulate Major Market Events (i.e., 2008 Market Meltdown)

  • Review Pension Claiming Options and their effect on your Portfolio Risk


Managing Your Pharmaceutical & Biotech Company Stock

Stock Options and Deferred Compensation

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Sophisticated Stock Option and Deferred Compensation plans are a great way for companies to efficiently reward employees. Unfortunately, with these benefits comes complicated options that can lead to missed opportunities, costly penalties, and unnecessary tax liabilities. Get help creating a proactive plan that makes the most of your benefits while helping guard against possible risks.

  • Stock Option Review (ISO, NQSO, ESPP, RSU, etc.)

  • Deferred Compensation and Income Timing

  • Concentrated Stock Position Risk Analysis

  • Concentrated Stock Position Tax Analysis & Gain/Loss Tax Harvesting

  • Stock Option Strategies to prepare for business (M&A,) and personal transitions (buy-out, retirement, job change)


Exiting Pharma


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After dedicating your life to this industry, you have earned your retirement. Preparing for this step means taking on the most complicated financial questions of your life during the time when you have the most to lose. Keep all that you worked for by working with us to strategically chart out your next steps.

  • Retirement Assets Withdrawal Strategy

  • Social Security Timing and Strategy (individual and couple)

  • Pension Options & Strategy including Spousal and Beneficiary Review

  • 401k and Qualified Account Alternative or Early Withdrawal Strategies

  • Withdrawal Options and Alternative Strategies to leverage 401k, stock options, and other retirement assets

  • NUA Tax Planning (Net Unrealized Appreciation)


Pharma Life Plan

All Planning + Asset Management

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From early planning through the most complicated financial maneuvers, having a partner you can rely on everyday will give you the confidence you are doing everything you can today to be prepared for tomorrow. Gain the benefits of all above programs, ongoing management of investments assets, and constant access to a financial team that specializes in helping pharmaceutical professionals navigate their financial life.