A Real-World Approach to
Retirement Planning

As a professional in the pharmaceutical or health care industries, you may have access to comprehensive retirement benefits. The challenge is, you may not understand how to use those benefits to create the retirement you have envisioned.

Online retirement portals may fail to show how your options are affected by decisions such as the age at which you retire. You need a real-world approach to make suitable decisions regarding your retirement.

At Gibbons Financial Group, we specialize in working with pharmaceutical and health care professionals. Our mission is to help you make informed decisions about your options so you can work toward your vision of retirement success.


Independent, Commission-Free Advice

Based in Gurnee, Illinois, we offer personalized financial and investment advice to pharmaceutical and health care professionals nationwide. As an independent advisory firm, we are not motivated by a commission environment. Rather, we offer custom-tailored financial advice on a fee basis to achieve your goals.

When you reach out, we will provide a sophisticated analysis to help you select your ideal retirement path. Should you choose to work with us, you will receive ongoing financial planning and investment management from an advisory firm that puts your best interest first.



Many financial planning firms lack expertise in the benefits that you may have as a pharmaceutical or health care professional. We have geared our practice around a deep understanding of those benefits and can provide clarity around the following topics:



Social Security.png

Social Security

Estate Planning


Retirement Plans


Health Care

Tax Implications.png


Restricted Stock.png

Stock Units


Disability Insurance




While the majority of our clients work in the pharmaceutical and health care industries, we have decades-long experience in helping clients of all backgrounds. Should your spouse or other loved ones work outside of these industries, we will provide financial and investment recommendations that incorporate their financial situation so you can truly understand the big picture.


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