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Our Story

When I began my career in the Financial Services Industry in 1991 I would never have envisioned the many roads this industry and for that matter my career would take. There was no way to imagine the size and complexity of Global growth and market interconnectivity that exists today. In many respects while my industry has grown in terms of size and scope of products clients are not necessarily better off. While access to investment data and market analytics exist today at the tip of our fingers through our device of choice the complexity of that information has dramatically increased. We tend to react to that data as a trader would and not as well informed investors. Therein lies the difference as traders react while investors learn to remain calm and ignore the “noise”

I find that individuals tend to focus so much on the minutia or the Story of the day that they miss the opportunity to become patient and well informed investors. And patience, is achieved by not reacting when market events unnerve the investing public.

When I opened my opened my first practice within a Lake County Financial institution in 1998 my business was a fledgling one which afforded me the opportunity to meet with investors from all walk of life with various goals, needs, hopes and dreams. For nearly twenty years my practice kept me a working at a frenetic pace, seeing 25-30 clients per week. Holding multiple securities and insurance licenses I had been able to offer clients a wide variety of products and services through a one stop shop approach. My broker-dealer, LPL with its open architecture allowed me to traverse the investment landscape to seek out appropriate products and services in a non-proprietary fashion that never had the client feeling as though I was simply pushing product.

However, what my experience within the Financial Institution taught me was that the client was there to satisfy one transaction or maybe two. This, from my perspective is not full service planning. My experience and evolution in this industry has taught me that folk’s need planning assistance in many other ways. It was this ah-ha moment that woke me up to the fact that I needed to become further certified to educate the investing public and more specifically pre-retirees. This is the market that I chose to serve when I successfully completed my Retirement Income Certified Planner (RICP) designation in 2013.

With these experiences it taught me that if I truly wanted to provide the client with a “plan for life” and arm them for long term sustainable success that I had to leave the financial institution and open my own firm. Armed with a passion for creating comprehensive and longstanding partnerships I created Gibbons Financial Group, Inc. in 2015, where our brand promise is to view the client as a valued and respected partner. Our goal is to bring focus to their retirement specific goals and educate them around the many topics that are key to a quantifiably successful retirement. Through our proprietary retire-up software we can target appropriate and best choice Social Security claiming. We assist with pension claiming decisions as well as provide investment guidance with 401k and various retirement plans. Armed with all of this technology we can effectively centralize all of these income sources through Retire-up and provide the client a plan that speaks to the long term viability of their income goals or one’s nest egg will last through retirement.

Our objectives are simple and un-biased. We will filter out any and all of the uncertainties of preparing for a successful and lengthy retirement. We will, in many cases, in single meeting provide you with the basis for a proper income plan. With experience comes knowledge and with nearly 25 years of investment and industry knowledge it has helped me to narrow my focus and to understand the market segment I seek to serve. As the saying goes we never plan to fail we just fail to plan. At Gibbons Financial Group we will arm you with a plan tailored to your specific income and retirement goals and failure won’t be an option! My competitors may attempt to serve all walks of life becoming a generalist in a variety of financial competencies. Our focus is solely the pre-retiree and the retiree market place where we have clear experience and strategic solutions for any pre or post retiree.